Group FERPRAT constructions the The Prat of Llobregat

The EXPERIENCE obtained during the more than 40 YEARS of antiquity in this sector, is the best GUARANTEE that can offer to our CLIENTS.
The development of our commercial activity , is of LOCAL FIELD , as it does more than 25 YEARS the promotions that make centre in the municipality of THE PRAT OF LLOBREGAT, where ours company enjoys of a solid PRESTIGE, when being considered a company in which it always will find a NEXT deal, HUMAN and PROFESSIONAL.

There is not secret whereby have fulfilled so many years, always procure to do  our work maintaining a series of PRINCIPLES of vital importance in the development of all economic and commercial activity.

From the origins, fulfil  our obligations with the maximum  RESPECT, HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, and with all those adjectives that help us be good people and to be able to be BEFORE, DESPUES And ALWAYS To HIS DISPOSAL.


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